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I think it's a best time to post my vintage cards in this blog. Because I've seen a lot of baseball's card blogs posting their vintage cards. This is form Topps 1976 #100 and had been graded by PSA and have grade NM 7. It's a jumbo size.

I won't talk about Kareem History, but when most NBA players retire, their paths are pretty predictable. They become head or assistant coaches on the college or professional level; they snag a fancy NBA analyst job, or sadly, in the words of noted scholar Mike Tyson, they fade into Bolivian. And in some respects, Abdul-Jabbar has followed that same path.

He coached the Oklahoma Storm of the United States Basketball League (USBL) to a title in 2002, and he has also been a scout and an assistant coach for the Knicks, Clippers and the Lakers, where he currently serves as a special consultant to the big men, specifically Andrew Bynum.

But what sets Abdul-Jabbar’s post-NBA career apart from most of his other peers is his love of history, specifically black history. Abdul-Jabbar has written books on the Harlem Renaissance, the lost achievements of African-Americans in World War II and a book about his season on a Native American reservation. All of the books showcase his vast knowledge and interest in history. And selfishly speaking, as a sports fan, it is awfully refreshing to see another side of an athlete I admire and respect. I can look at Abdul-Jabbar’s books and get a glimpse into how he thinks, as opposed to trying to glean something meaningful from a 5-10 minute post-game rehearsed sound byte. This isn’t a knock on today’s athletes as much as it is homage to Abdul-Jabbar.