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I like to post my jersey cards. I choose Karl Malone's Jersey Card. Before further information about Karl Malone or the "Mail Man", i give you the jersey card definition that taken from

Definition: A card containing a piece of material taken from a jersey worn by a player or athlete. The most popular jersey cards are game-used or game-worn jersey cards, meaning that the material is taken from a jersey worn by the athlete in an actual sporting event. Other variations include event-worn, which come from jerseys worn by the subject at a photo shoot or other non-athletic event, and game-issued, which are taken from jerseys issued to the subject but never actually worn in competition. Cards containing jersey material that is all one color are generally seen as less desirable than multi-color jersey cards, which contain material featuring two or more colors.

I only have 2 Karl Malone's Jersey Card, 1 from his Utah Jazz's Game Worn and 1 from LA Lakers. The LA Lakers Jersey Card is my favourite.

Karl Malone
If professional scouts had correctly predicted the impact Malone would have on the NBA, he would have been picked much higher than 13th in the 1985 NBA Draft. The fact that he played in relative obscurity at Louisiana Tech, averaging 18.7 ppg and 9.3 rpg in three collegiate seasons, may have caused him to slip so low. As a rookie, Malone averaged 14.9 ppg and 8.9 rpg. He finished third in the voting for Rookie of the Year honors and was named to the NBA All-Rookie Team.

Perhaps noticing Malone's potential, the Jazz prior to his second season, traded Adrian Dantley, the club’s scoring leader in each of the previous seven seasons, in exchange for Kelly Tripucka and Kent Benson. Assuming more scoring responsibilities, Malone's game improved exponentially as his scoring went up to 21.7 ppg and his shooting percentage increased from .481 to .598. However, beginning in 1987-88, Malone began a string of seasons virtually unmatched by power forwards in NBA annals. He made All-NBA Second team with 27.7 ppg and a career-high 12.0 rpg that year. Utah also posted a 47-35 record - the best in franchise history to date.

Over the next 11 seasons, his scoring average never dipped below 25.2 ppg and he collected no less 9.80 rpg in any give season. In 1988, he also began a string of 11 consecutive All-Star Team selections and in 1989 started a streak of 11 consecutive berths on the All-NBA First Team.
After Stockton retired following the 2002-03 campaign, he signed as a free agent with the Los Angeles Lakers. He joined fellow free agent Gary Payton and the dynamic duo of Shaquille O'Neal and Kobe Bryant to form a team with an almost assured four future Hall-of-Famers in an effort to capture that elusive championship.

The Lakers had won three consecutive titles (2000-02) but the season prior to Malone's signing, the team was defeated in the Western Conference Finals by the eventual 2003 NBA champs San Antonio Spurs led by Tim Duncan. Many declared the Lakers the 2004 NBA champs the day Malone and Payton signed on the dotted line.

However, in 2003-04, for the first time in his career, Malone spent significant time away from the court. Due to a knee injury and subsequent surgery he missed 40 games but did return near season's end only to re-injure his knee in the 2004 NBA Finals against the Detroit Pistons. Malone was unable to play in Game 5 and the Lakers lost the game and the series.

Ironically, his daughter Cheryl Ford who entered the WNBA in 2003 won a title later that year with the Detroit Shock.
In his illustrious career, Malone averaged 25+ PPG for 16 consecutive seasons, and 10 of those years also included a double-double. After a career falling two years shy of two decades, the Mailman has lifelong averages of 25 PPG, 10.1 RPG, 0.8 BPG, and 1.4 SPG. While Malone hasn't played since the 2002-03 season, there have been several reports of him playing in foreign basketball leagues.


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