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I have one vintage card of Lew Alcindor from Topps with the beckett value. He is a player who played for the Milwaukee Bucks 1969-75 and the Los Angeles Lakers 1975-89. He was named basketball's most valuable player a record-breaking six times between 1971 and 1980, won six National Basketball Association (NBA) championships, and is the game's all-time leading points scorer with 38,387 points. He played centre and, being 2 m 18 cm/7 ft 2 in tall, was noted for his ‘sky hook’ shot.

1971-72 Topps #138 Alcind/ Hayes/ Havl LL $12.00

Born Ferdinand Lewis Alcindor in New York City, he changed his name in 1971 after converting to the Muslim faith in 1968. His new name is Kareem Abdul Jabbar. Here are the lists of his vintage cards that i own with the beckett value.

1972-73 Topps #163 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar AS $25.00

1973-74 Topps #155 Wilt/ Guokas/ Jabbar LL $12.00

1974-75 Topps #1 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar ! $30.00

1979-80 Topps #10 Kareem Abdul-Jabbar $8.00

1981-82 Topps #55 Lakers TL/ Jabbar $1.25

Career highlights :

Regular season scoring: 38,387 points (average 24.6); play-off scoring: 5,792 points (average 24.3); Most Valuable Player: 1971-72, 1974, 1976-77, 1980; Play-Offs Most Valuable Player: 1971, 1985