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2004-05 SP Game Used SIGnificance #AK Andrei Kirilenko - BV $25.00

I received this card today. Look at that card, it's pretty, right? It's have modern design with nice colour. It's has a clear signature on an authentic seal sticker. But you all might wonder why in the tittle i claim this is an error card. Well...... because this is not Andrei Kirilenko Signature.

I have another Andrei Kirilenko signature, here it is:
This is an on card authentic signature by Andrei Kirilenko, no way Andrei would sign a card that didn't show his photo on it. I know you all wonder who's signature on the Andrei Kirilenko' card? It's Yao Ming's! See this one :

I already post this card here. This an on card signature, so this is truly Yao Ming's Autograph Card. Okay, i believe in this point you have trusted me that 2004-05 SP Game Used SIGnificance #AK Andrei Kirilenko is an error card. I have another 2 parallel on this set, and amazing, all are Yao Ming's signature.

SP Game Used SIGnificance #AK Andrei Kirilenko - print run 25
- BV N/A

SP Game Used SIGnificance Gold #AK Andrei Kirilenko - print run 10 - BV N/A

Maybe this is one of the reasons why some people love on card signature's card than signature on the sticker.


Fuji said...

dang... you have a sharp eye. i wonder what UD would say about their error.

service new information said...

Thank you for the information of value.

jaybee said...

cool card, but damn, unless you're from the Ukraine, I don't know any one that would want an AK-47 card, esp. these days!

Dave said...

Thanks for this - I'm a huge fan of AK47! What a great basketballer and athlete. I wonder how far the Jazz will get...