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I guess we have to understand the basic about basketball card, here we go . . .


CASE = The card company distribute its product with cases. Each case contain some boxes

BOX = In a box, you can find 1 pack or more. Some manufacture, produce boxes that contain 36 pack.. The premium card usually has fewer packs. For Example Exquisite; it has just 1 pack

PACK = In a pack, you can find 1 or more cards. Recent packs usually has fewer cards. For Example Topps Trademark Moves has just 5 cards in a pack.


Let’s talk about the regular card. When you buy a box or just a pack, its cover has informations about what you will find in a box or a pack. A product usually has regular cards (base cards) that produce massively (the picure on the left is Jordan's Exquisite base card). You can devide a regular card into 2 different type: statistic and subset.

Statistic Regular Card has a spesific player’s statistic history year by year and sometimes plus a short information about the player.

Subset Regular Card has a specific information or events or anything else beside a statistic regular card.


Maximum said...

wahh jadi pengen tau gimana rupa kartu Jordan Exquisite :D