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Basketball is NBA, so just collect Basketball cards!

Yeah, i like watching NBA action since a little kid. It's fun. The thing i like most is collecting basketball card. The funny thing is, if i remember about basketball i just remember all NBA players.

If you looking some NBA cards you can visit and you can ask a specific player that you wanted to collect.

Well, collecting is really challenging. Like the picture on the top. It's Michael Jordan Insert Card From Topps 1996-97 Super Team NBA Finals. This card more valuable than regular card.

I guess some people wondering about what is regular card? What is Insert card? e.t.c. Here it is:

Regular Card: Card that you can find in any packs from all basketball cards manufacture. Usually the front card consist the player photo's. Behind are the statistics and/or short story about the player.
Insert Card: Card that you can find from a pack but there is an odds. Example, an odds to find Magic's All Rookie Insert Card From HOOPS is 1:36. It means, You can find 1 card in every 36 packs.
Parallel Card: Card that similar to Reguler or insert Cards, but with diffrent design. And there is an odd to find this kind of card (see: Insert Card). A parallel card from a regular or insert card is more difficult to find.

But what exactly that make people crazy to collect them?
If you like someone or something, you will often imagine about it. Like to talk about it. And become interesting everything about it. In a basketball card, you can see a picture, a statistic, history, story, a piece of memorabilia such as signature/autograph, jersey, warm up, shoe, floor and any other things. And it's really cool to have some of the cards and see them in your possession.
The second thing, a basketball card has a value. If you have a Lebon James Rookie card from exquisite, it worth around $10,000. Can you imagine it? If the player are hot or on the fire such as Kevin Garnett, the value of his card will gradually up. Why? That's refer to Economic theory, supply and demand. If many people searching for specific player's card and not much people offer to sell it, it will more valuable than a player that not much people want to buy, in the other hand many seller offer the cards.
Third is the challenge and satisfaction. If you want to collect a player, for example Jason Kidd, you will exciting if you have his card that only 25 cards exsist. Or maybe just 1 card in the whole world it called 1/1 card. And if you can complete a series of insert card, that make your collection worth to proud of. But to complete a series is not easy.