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The DieseL "Slow but Sure"

After the lost from Lakers 124 - 130, Phoenix Suns won over Boston Celtics 85 - 77.

Shaquille O' Neal, after getting 15 points in his debut, just score 4 points. But he had a good defence with 14 rebounds, 2 block Shots. His team mates, Grant Hill scored double double, 14 points and 13 Rebounds. Amare Stoudemire scored team-high with 28 points. Kevin Garnett Scored team -high for Celtics with 19 points.

It's a prove, that Shaq can score and still a tremendous defender. I think in his age, Shaq have to concetrate on 1 point, scoring or defending. With shaq on the defence, his teammates can focus for making points. You can see the complete result below (click to enlarge), that Shaq has 13 defensive + 1 offensive rebounds. It's good to use his nicknames "DIESEL", because if many people argue that Shaq is become slow, The Diesel himself can prove that he is maybe slow but sure.