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Is there anything you like most in collecting cards, than having a card that personally autographed by the player you have adore for years? I don't. Thus, i really love my autograph cards, wether it's include piece of other memorabilia or not.

You can get those autograph by asking the player, or get it from pacs. An autograph card from cards manufacture have their own certificate of authenticity printed on the card. Usually in the back have an annoucement that the card company certify the autheticity of the autograph.

Card company such as Topps, has sticker on the autograph.

Vince Carter Skybox Auto has seal of authenticity in the front of the card (SOLD).

If you can ask the player to sign a card from you, there is no Certificate Of Authenticity (COA). Unless you send it to a company such as Professional Sports Authenticator (PSA) or Global Authentication (GAI) or other reputable company, i guess it's hard to convince other person that your autograph's card is authentic.
Months ago, i bought a card that signed by Larry Bird with a COA (SOLD). You can see the example of a Certificate of Authenticity. If you ask me is that an authentic autograph or not, honestly i really don't know. But the autograph it seems typical with the autograph cards from Card Company, see here. Click the picture below to enlarge.

Below are some additional pointers to keep in mind when you are told that an autograph card has a certificate of authenticity:

* To repeat: Always see read, understand, and substantiate the full text of any certificate of authenticity BEFORE you buy the card.

* If the card is for sale online, request and review the complete COA, front and back, and not just a portion of it. Either have the seller FAX it to you or send clear, legible, and complete digital images.

* Any conditional statements found in a certificate of authenticity such as "in our considered opinion..." or "we believe that..." are warning signs that the card may not be genuine. A valid certificate states that the card is unquestionably signed by the player who has signed it.

* A valid certificate of authenticity should contain documented proof or evidence as to why the autograph is genuine.

* If you have any questions about a certificate of authenticity, contact the individual or entity that authored it, assuming that person is not the seller, and ask those questions BEFORE you buy the card.

* A certificate without adequate contact information for the person or company making the statements, or with only an unidentifiable signature should not be considered valid. Illegible or incomplete contact information is NEVER acceptable.

* Certificates for card by famous company such as Upper Deck, Classic, and Topps should include the exact titles of the card, dates the card was produced, names of publishers (for limited editions), edition sizes (for limited editions), and exact dimensions of the card.

* Anytime that a certificate of authenticity does not meet all of the above requirements, consider yourself at risk if you buy the card.