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Home Loss? Why?

Hmmm... with Shaq in the center, why didn't make any improvement? I think you should read the statistic below for more comprehensive statistics. You can see the opponent had better Field Goal average percentage except a wonderful 100% Phoenix's Free Throw percentage (19-19).

The second is, The Sixers had 13 on steals and the Phoenix just had 2! Woopss..... What is this means? I think the Phoenix's players had terrible concentration or passing or both of it. They didn't take the home's adventage, by stay calm.

The third is the rebounds. The phoenix had 40 and sixers 39. Amare Soudemire had 26 points and 11 rebounds. Ray Evans had a good job with 13 point and 13 rebounds for Sixers. It seems that they had tie in ball possesion. That's why Phoenix had trouble to win over Sixers.

To bad, huh?!