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With New Jersey He Found New Spirit

Yup, Shaq had 4 win in a row. The last game was vs Sacramento Kings, the Suns won 127 - 99. Shaq has 17 points, 8 rebounds, 2 assists and 1 block. So, why i say that he has found new spirit? Consider this, in Miami Heat shaq has better point per game (ppg) average 14.2 with more minutes per game (mpg) average 28.6. In Suns, he has 10.9 ppg with 27.5 mpg, but in his new team he get 10.2 rebounds per game (rpg) in Heat he just got 7.8 rpg. Click below to enlarge the statistics.

Shaq has a focus, if his team met solid teams, he concentrate to make rebounds so he had less points and high rebounds. But if his team need points, he able to get high scores. In Miami Heat he just confuse about what to do, especially when Wade is not arround. With his age, he get tired and make his spirit loss to concentrate for winning the game. Here in Suns he has a new future, will he get the next ring of champion? Still long road to answer. But, his cards are getting higher. Grab his cards, while still low ;-) I mean low but not too "low". This is one of my possesion, his auto card and numbered to 25 (SOLD). Yes only 25 cards in the world exists.

You can get information about his cards in this link there are information on the top page.