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I love all my exquisite cards. Especially this card, it numbered 23/25! Yup, only 25 cards exist in this world (SOLD). I have another Hakeem Olajuwon AU Card, but i only show you this card. Maybe next time i'll show you the other card. But sorry for this poor scan, hope it still clear.
He was born January 21, 1963, to Salaam and Abike Olajuwon, who owned a cement business in Lagos. Soccer and handball were the sports that first attracted young Akeem. He started playing basketball in 1978 and competed with the Nigerian team at the All-African Games in 1980.

In December 1981, he played his first official game in the U.S., against Mississippi State in the Salvation Army Christmas Kettle Classic. He totaled eight points and three rebounds. He averaged 13.3 points as a collegian while attempting fewer than 10 shots per game, but in 1983-1984 he led the nation in rebounding (13.5 per game), blocked shots (5.6), and field-goal percentage (.675). In his first season in the NBA, scoring opportunities multiplied and he topped 20 points per game.

In 1992, management entertained trade offers for Olajuwon. He stayed, Tomjanovich took over as coach, and soon the Rockets soared again, streaking to the championship in 1994 after beating the New York Knicks in the Finals. Olajuwon became the first player ever to win the regular season MVP, Defensive Player of the Year Award, and NBA Finals MVP in the same season. With Clyde Drexler joined the Houston, they won the NBA Championship in 1995.
For the next post, i will show you my Yao Ming AU card. He is one of the great center in NBA this time, that play for Houston Rocket.


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