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Yes! This is an autograph card. Beautiful, isn't? Patric Ewing's AU cards are rarely available for sale. That's because he didn't sign too much card. Ewing is now a Magic assistant coach and played the final year of his career with the team. But his credentials were earned with Georgetown and the New York Knicks, where he was an 11-time all-star.

About the only thing missing in his collection is an NBA championship. He can blame Olajuwon in part because Houston beat the Knicks in the 1994 NBA Finals. From the beginning, from college, they have history. In the 1982 NCAA championship game, showed a skinny Ewing sitting glumly on Georgetown's bench as North Carolina celebrated a 63-62 win. The Hoyas made three Final Fours with Ewing and won in 1984 over a Houston team led by a Nigerian native who was wearing a dark blue suit Monday. Yes, that's (H)Akeem Olajuwon.

Beside this card, i have Olajuwon Exquisite AU card. I will post about Olajuwon AU card next time.


Jeff said...

That card is beautiful indeed.