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This is another Autograph card that i own. The card design show that Hakeem Olajuwon was the basketball's star of 90's (SOLD). In this set, there are players of basketball's star of 50's, basketball's star of 60's, basketball's star of 70's, basketball's star of 80's and basketball's star of 90's.

Today Olajuwon live in his home in Sugar Land, Texas, outside of Houston, a house inspired by Johnson and such modernist contemporaries as Richard Meier, Hugh Newell Jacobsen and Luis Barragán, as well as the Venetian Palladian style and the traditions of Olajuwon's Islamic faith. NBA big men are a lot like architects: Their first loyalties are to the functional -- score, rebound, block shots -- but the best synthesize existing modes with an artistic flourish or two. Like the architecture of his house, Olajuwon's aesthetic in the low post blended the old and the new. "To make the center position fun -- that was my vision," he says. "To add shakes and bakes and moves. If you're a center, you're thought to be mechanical. But when I faced up on a guy, I was no longer a center. I was a small forward."

Toward the end of his NBA career Olajuwon would spend off-seasons in Jordan, studying Arabic so he could read the Koran in the original. Now he inverts that schedule. He spends three or four months in Houston, checking up on his investments (property) and tutoring NBA big men. The rest of the year he's in a farmhouse outside Amman, with his wife, Dalia, and their five children, ages 10 to two. Abisola, his daughter with his college sweetheart, Lita Richardson, will be a 6'3" sophomore center at Oklahoma next season.

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